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Yacht charter in Belize

Belize creates the impression of being an old Caribbean harbour at the time when pirates ruled the seas. This tropical forest opens onto the Caribbean Sea was then colonised by the British. We are in a Hispanic Latin-American country stranded in the middle of the Ocean and we can't stop thinking about leaving on a sailboat or motorboat like any true pirate would! Beboats can make this come true by comparing thousands of offers for a yacht charter in Belize. So what are you waiting for matey to book your perfect sailing holidays in the Caribbean? Belize is perfect for family yacht charters or with your friends!

Placencia Bay

Rent a boat in Belize city, follow the coast and sail South to Placencia Bay. You'll find one of the longest beaches in Belize even nicknamed « barefoot perfect » and you'll understand why. Easily accessible by boat you can drop your anchor just a few meters off the shore and even beach your inflatable speedboat directly in order to make the most of the scenic landscapes Belize has to offer.

An incredible coral reef

One of the remarkable particularities of this country is its Meso-American reef. The coral reef extends over 350 nautical miles from the far end of the Yucatan peninsula and covers most of the Belizean territory, sets the scenes for an amazing sailing holiday in Belize. Even the Australian reef is slightly longer but the one in Belize forms more than 400 islands and they're all accessible by sailboat or motorboat. For the ideal cruise in Belize the best is to charter a sailboat or a motorboat and sail around its gorgeous islands and dive into its warm sea full of surprises.

Sail through the atolls

The attols in Belize are probably the most beautiful in the world. There are fewer than in the French Caribbean, these little pieces of paradise boast a unique underwater fauna and flora. Sail through these islands by renting a boat with Beboats and set your course immediately to one of the world's most extraordinary features: The Great Blue Hole of Belize. You'll find this feature not far from the middle of Lighthouse Reef around 75 kilometers from the continent and Belize City. The hole is about 300m wide and 120m deep. When it was formed during the last ice age, when the sea level was much lower, it was rather like a limestone cave. When the sea levels rose, these caves flooded and their roofs collapsed. The location became famous thanks to Jacques-Yves Cousteau, who declared it to be one of the top ten diving spots. Don't miss out on this opportunity thanks to the price-comparer!

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